Meet the Founders

arjun Aggarwal

Arjun Aggarwal:

Having completed his education & lived in the UK for over 20 years, Arjun realised the tremendous value in the use of technology in emerging markets.
After relocating to India in 2014, Arjun aligned his interest to create & identify start-up’s tuned towards macro-scale social impact. India became an ideal skirmish where he found both ample talent & a significant appetite for improvement across its many sectors.
Arjun’s achievements merit him access to the political and bureaucratic leadership of a number of Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries. This allows for critical & effective delivery of diverse products and ideas.
He likes companies involved in:
-Utilizing the vast advantages that machine learning can provide.
-Improving quality of life in India.
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Cibi K Chandran:

A textile technology expert, Cibi pursued a bachelors in Management at Manchester followed by a masters in Finance at Westminster.
Cibi is a director at his family Group - Eastman Exports, India’s second largest garment manufacturer with a turnover of $350 million+ per annum over the last 10 years. Eastman caters to leading global brands like Jack & Jones, Calvin Klein, GAP, Diesel and many others.
Cibi also founded Huetrap, an online fashion brand which has a unique just-in-time model for manufacture and is targeted to 18-30 year olds.
Mr Chandran has a keen interest in companies involved in vastly improving India’s rural class. Apart from expertise in fashion, at-scale manufacturing, he is passionate about sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and techniques.
He likes companies involved in:
-Vastly improving India’s rural class.
-Any proprietary technology that has the capability of improving India’s way of life.
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